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Criminal Defense


Both Adam Komisar and William Spicola are former State Prosecutors.  Adam has spent his career specializing in all aspects of criminal defense and has over ten years of hands-on criminal experience in North Florida Courtrooms.  In 2020, Adam was elected the Vice President of the Tallahassee Chapter of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. 

As a prosecutor, Adam handled multiple caseloads, including one consisting of misdemeanor DUI prosecutions in Leon County and another that specialized in all aspects of felony domestic violence. In addition, Adam has prosecuted white-collar cases, including failure to remit state sales tax more than $200,000 and an organized scheme to defraud over 30 victims through identity theft. 

Before founding Komisar Spicola PA, Adam worked at a high-profile Tallahassee criminal defense firm. He spent nine years strategizing, negotiating, and litigating on behalf of the firms' clients, including collegiate and professional athletes', businesspersons, and politicians.  He obtained not guilty jury verdicts for the firms' clients on charges ranging from simple DUI to grand theft over $100,000 to sex crimes which carried life sentences.

No matter what stage of a criminal proceeding you find yourself in, Komisar Spicola, PA believes lawyers need to have the skillset and ability to both “litigate and migrate” simultaneously.  This is often done by showing the prosecuting agency litigation weaknesses in their own case while simultaneously providing mitigation information about the accused, which may affect the agency's decision to proceed. 

At Komisar Spicola, PA, when we are retained for a criminal matter, Komisar and Spicola are the ones representing you or your loved ones in that matter, which is not always the case at other firms.  Therefore, when deciding on representation for a criminal matter, make sure you meet with and are comfortable with the experience of the actual attorney who will be litigating your case. 

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