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Having prior experience as the General Counsel to the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission, Komisar Spicola, PA attorney William Spicola has rare practical experience analyzing and drafting provisions of Florida's Constitution and drafting ballot titles and summaries for amendments up for ratification by voters. 

Komisar Spicola, PA use's this experience to advocates clients' positions on constitutional amendments in front of the Florida Supreme Court and help clients draft proposed amendments seeking to withstand Court scrutiny.

Florida's Constitution Revision Commission is unique to Florida and was created in 1968.  It meets every 20 years to make changes and additions to the Florida Constitution.  The Commission comprises 37 Florida citizens appointed by the Governor, Senate President, Supreme Court Chief Justice, and Attorney General.  Final amendment proposals produced by the Commission require 60 percent of the voters to pass.  The 2018 Constitutional Revision Commission proposals drafted by William as the General Counsel saw all but one of the amendments passed by Florida's voters.

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